1. OUR 2012 RENAISSANCE AWARDS from Beyond Elite Magazine honor excellence in the fields of fashion, sex, politics, entertainment and intellect. You can read more about our selection of the winners in our 2012 year end issue here http://beyondelitemagazine.com/category/renaissance-awards/

  2. I DO A&R and I’m looking for cool unsigned recording artists who are the total package to include the creativity, the sound, the look, the promotion, the fanbase. If you think your talent speaks for itself, drop me your two best tracks (no more than two please) on SoundCloud.

  3. I WRITE, A LOT. And one of the places you can read my ideas is in our magazine, Beyond Elite Magazine. We offer truly modern ideas in fashion, sex, politics, entertainment and intellect to encourage pleasurable and long living. It’s fun, challenging and fresh and you can check it out online for free at beyondelitemagazine.com.

  4. I LOVE MUSIC. And in working with Spectra Records, I get my ears filled with some of the best artists in the world. Spectra Records prides itself on its indie attitude that gives artists the freedom to be themselves, along with the promotional support and distribution channels that they need. Check out the official site at www.spectrarecords.com

  5. REALITY GETS A BAD RAP. And I’m working to set the record straight. At the Institute for Reality Studies (www.realitystudies.com) we offer a fact-based practical approach to living in the real world without using old superstitious, supernatural, or theoretical paradigms of thought. We instruct individuals, companies and organizations how to be realists and we have an array of curriculums from short term consulting to post graduate degree programs.

  6. CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES is my motto, and lately you can find me doing just that on Connectshot (I am on there, a lot). Connectshot is the entertainment industry’s #1 social network for making connections and creating opportunities and it’s full of casting, gig, event, and project listings to pursue. They sponsor The Jimmy Star Show, and we love em. It’s $4.95/mo to join at connectshot.com.

  7. I THINK CELEBRITY NEEDS TO BE BASED ON TALENT and at Arcadium Entertainment, we rep lots of uber-talented celebrities including actors, musicians, athletes, and authors. Whether you are looking for the face of your new film, tv series, team, special event, or convention, Arcadium Entertainment has you covered. Check out the roster at www.arcadiumentertainment.com

  8. THIS IS ME in my very own animated gif! (Special thanks to @coolppl)

    THIS IS ME in my very own animated gif! (Special thanks to @coolppl)